5 best free android health care apps

Significantly the level of quality of android health care apps has increased in the android marketplace. The best health care apps add functionality in the user’s health care in either one or two or all the following three ways: health care education, medical education, or patient education. Therefore, below is the list of that are best based on the above mentioned criteria’s:


With several instructional medical procedure videos and pictures, Medscape gives its users plenty of references to various drugs. Also it provides android users to acquit their medical knowledge with a variety of protocols for disease pathologies. It is useful mainly to medical professionalism and student. Moreover, its usage is unlimited to whoever has interest.


Just like Medscape the Epocrates free version is also used for drug referencing. It has users’ friendly features which include a variety of medical calculators, pills identify and a feature that essentially checks the drugs interaction which makes it one of the best free android healthcare app for most medical students and clinicians.


Available to all versions of Android operating system, Skyscape is magnificent health care app with a high quality and also an all-inclusive app. Its inclusivity widely ranges from multiple medical calculators, alerted medical news, medical guidelines, textbooks, drug reference and disease monographs. Due to its all-round nature and availability to all android versions skyscape is among the best.

Calculate by QxMD

With its eye-catching design and a wonderful user interface, calculate by QxMD is efficient to be used by almost every user regardless of their profession, i.e it can be used by not only healthcare proffesionals and students but also all other users. It has a wide variety of medical calculators. With more number of screens and questions, the app widely enhances the users learning experience without necessarily slowing their process.

MedPage Today

The app basically delivers the specific medical news to its user’s android phones with respect to their individual specialty interest. The articles provided by the are surely legitimate due to the fact they are done in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. With this reliability, MedPage is undoubtedly one of the best android health care app because of its reassuring legitimacy sense of the articles provided.

It should be noted that the above five android health care apps are useful to medical practitioners, students and all other users who have interest with their health care.

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