Android Fake Text Message App

The fake text message app allows one to receive fake text messages from numerous individuals in their contact list. Supporting android kitkat, this app helps one to fake received texts, fake failed-to-send texts, and also fake sent messages in their smartphones. This app is extremely easy to set up as well as easy to use at the same time.

To get started, one needs to download and install the fake text message app from google play store. Once installed go ahead to open the app and fill in the details of the person you wish to receive the fake text message from. The details entail the individuals name and their respective mobile phone numbers. Then, there is a box where one can type the message they intend to receive and also key in the exact time that they expect to receive the same. Just like any other normal text message, once that time reaches, one will be alerted and the fake text can be acceded from their message logs.

Fake Text Message

This app can relay come in handy should one decide to install it. For instance, you can prank your friends into believing that you have received that message of a lifetime. More so, in-case you forgot to text someone you can make them believe that you had already tried to send them a text, only that it couldn’t go through and was saved in the draft folder instead.

Unfortunately, some scammers can use this app for other insidious purposes. One such way can be through them sending you screenshots that some of your friends are talking ill of you. Since these texts are hard to be distinguished from real texts it may be impossible for one not to believe them. Therefore, one shouldn’t believe almost every text message that they are shown but instead they should first verify with the source in order to find out the truth.

Bottom line is, should this app be used for its intended purpose, it can relay get you out of many weird situations. Since its easy to setup and operate, it sure can’t give you a hassle.



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