Five best android backup apps


Here We list Five best android backup apps. We often have a lot of stuff we save in our electronic devices like computers, smartphones and tablets. In this digital era, backing up of data is an important aspect to guarantee you that in the unfortunate event that something happens to your device you don’t lose your data.The devices can be stolen or any mishap can occur that leads to the losing of data. It is even more serious when the data stored and lost is sensitive which may leave you in a very precarious situation.

If you have been a victim or you want to prevent or minimize the chance of data loss occurring, thankfully there are a number of options for the best android backup apps. Subsequently, below are highlights of some of the best android backup apps available for you.

I. Helium
This app was developed by Clockwork Mod and is a popular app for backing up data with most people. Not only is it loved for just storing data but also because it allows both non-rooted and rooted devices to be used. There is a premium version available which goes for $4.99, of course with extra features and functions.

II. Titanium Backup
It is also another common app option for data backup with over 21 million users worldwide. Additionally, the app comes with a number of languages, over 31, of which you can choose the one you understand. The app is mainly suitable for root users as its features are limited in terms of non-rooted devices. There’s the premium version that goes for $5.99.


III. Google Drive
Google is a brand that is widely known and as a result this data backup app is reliable. Also, it is free. The app can be used either on your computer or any other device. The data saved on Google Drive can be opened by other platforms such as Google Photos or Google Docs.

IV. CM Backup
This app is owned by Cheetah Mobile Cloud.Unlike other applications, this app doesn’t backup applications but will backup bookmarks,user dictionaries,messages,calendar info and contacts among other data. Additionally, unlike with other apps,cross-device restoring of data is possible since the data is backed up in the CM Backup cloud. Moreover, a 5GB free storage space is given when you sign up.

V. Easy Backup and Restore
This app was developed by the same developer who brought to us Root Explorer, a popular file manager. As the name implies, it offers data backup solution in a simple way.Two options of backup are available, that is cloud storage or directly to your device.Furthermore, it has a scheduled backup feature which is quite reliable.

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