Five Best Android Emulator

Using Android emulators is the best technique to test applications as they are being developed. After people discovered that they could utilize these apps to play games on PCs, they developed a craze, of a kind. Some emulators are enabled to only run apps, whereas others can imitate the whole operating system. It is predicted that starting 2019 Android’s market shares will soar to an astonishing 90%. In view of the number of gadgets running this OS, it’s probably the reason Android emulators beheld such an extensive growth. Android emulators are enthused by the notion of virtualization – device within device which allows you to use each feature in an Android phone or a PC /MAC Computer. The viability to run these Android apps on Window-based PC has assuredly come within reach. However, it’s not only the creators that are profited by using emulators. In this text are going to look at the best android emulator by comparing 5. Hence you can be able to find for yourself the best android emulator


Genymotion, is a very common Android emulation app. It is somewhat powerful and features emulation environments of almost any device accessible in the market, present past and future (with random updates).There are superior forms of this app which update features; however with slight elbow grease you are able to manage the app by yourself with the free version. It doesn’t come along with ARM support, therefore you have to install it physically, this makes it a slightly less convenient to use.


  • Visually Appealing
  • Robust Environment
  • Cutting-edge features such as Hardware Acceleration support and OpenGL
  • Swiftest of the five apps (based on its x86 architecture)


  • Obliges users to download and set VirtualBox separately
  • Doesn’t come furnished with Google Apps
  • Its Free version is exceedingly restricted

NOX is another application player which is a slightly ahead of its contestant BlueStacks. It provides more control compared to the traditional application player such that it can even assist as a good testing environment.

  • Single-click root and unroot proficiency.
  • You can identify number and swiftness of CPU Processors, and also its RAM size. Users and App-Testers can assign as many or as few resources as they prefer.
  • It can be assigned keystrokes to emulate gestures, so the entire Android experience could be replicated by keymapping alone.
  • In-Built GPS controller options that let you test or simulate places, this comes in easy reach for games!


  • Remarkably slow in loading when launched for the first time. You may be looking at the screen for sometime before starting to play games
  • Running numerous instances needs a separate tool.

3. BlueStacks
BlueStacks is among the most extensively used Android emulators for Windows. The app is not a crisp emulation environment. It would be precise to term it as an Android App Player designed for Windows. BlueStacks is free in certain regions currently. Some people utilize it in games like Clash of Clans via numerous accounts. It is easy to run considering its plug and play nature. The heritage designs of this application have not been as friendly and needed numerous updating from several common apps for it to run smoothly.

  • Lone-click installation in Windows.
  • Easier to install. For third party APKs, you double click and go
  • Self-enabling environment doesn’t need VirtualBox.
  • Uses a Gmail ID for access to the Play Store


  • For you to regain your game advancement, you have to install then sign in to G+

2. AndyRoid
Commonly known as Andy, this app has proven to be one most technically and visually sound android platform for emulation. Matched to anything that needs lots of setting up, such as Genymotion, Andy is far much easier to configure.

  • Has preconfigured ARM backing, i.e. you can manage Google run apps straight out of the box
  • Installing is as easy as dropping Android App Packages into the emulation
  • Your Android phone can act as a remote control while playing Android games.
  • Andy is built on VirtualBox. It does not need dedicated Graphics card for smooth functioning and works decently with onboard graphics.


  • Recklessness during the installation process might end up messing your system with bloatware. Ensure you keen while installing.
  • British keyboard layout.
  • Takes some time to install

1. Android Official Emulator
The app is tailor-made for the purpose of accuracy a virtualization of Android as actually possible. Powered by IntelliJ platform the app emulates Android devices accurately. It can emulate TVs, tablets, Android Auto, and wearables. However, it is not easy as you start the program and are immediately shown a virtual android screen. It requires some steps for it to get going.

  • Download Studio
  • Start your first assignment by choosing “New Project” and then name it whatsoever you like
  • Choose the newest firmware and its development platform (Tablet, TV, Wear or Auto)
  • Click on “Add No Activity” and click Finish
  • Once it starts to run, go to Tools, Android then AVG Manager
  • Select “Create Fresh Virtual Device”
  • Choose the kind of device you would like to emulate
  • Install whatever add-on it requires you to install
  • Select the Play button

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