Five Best Android File Manager That You Need Today


At the moment, you can find a plethora of Android file manager scattered around the market. For people without any prior experience, selecting the right product may be a Herculean task. This article will help make the perfect decision when exploring for the right Android file manager to buy

ES File Explorer:

With an estimate of over five million users across the globe, ES File Manager is one of the best products for Android. This application supports around twenty-six languages and remains the most user-friendly app. One amazing thing about the app is that you can get it for free. It comes with cloud storage, application, and file manager.


Amaze File Manager:

This Android file manager is currently in its beta phase. This implies that users will get more amazing features, time and again. For advanced users such as programmers and hackers, this product remains the best Android file manager. Amaze file manager comes with an amazing feature called ROOT folder of Android. This feature will help you perform a gamut of operations such as tweaking in a build.prop file.

File Explorer:

Every Android file manager has their unique features that users like. This product will help you transfer files between 2 devices without any difficulties. Another amazing thing about this file manager is that it supports NFC. Users also have the opportunity to connect to SkyDrive, SugarSync, Dropbox and Google Drive.

ASUS File Manager:

ASUS is a great technology development company in the production of several devices. The ASUS file manager is one of the best products for your Android device. With this tool, you will be able to handle files professionally. Be it cloud, SD or internal memory platforms, ASUS file manager will help you achieve the best result.

AnTek Explorer:

AnTek remains one of the best Android file managers that you can find on the market today. The Drap and Drop feature on AnTek is highly exceptional.

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