Five best android file transfer App

Android phones are the most widely used phones in the world, as a result, there are a lot of great apps for android file transfer. One can use the internet but data costs may be extremely high in cases of big files, Bluetooth, on the other hand, is best in cases of small files as it is time-consuming. These apps include:


This is considered to be one the best file transfer between Android devices and PCs. It can also be used for sending messages and checking notifications. The standard version is free and enables a person to send the occasional message and transfer small files. However, with the pro version, one is able to get all the services at about 5 dollars a month.


This is another popular option. This app is also very useful for transferring data from the Android device to the PC. An added benefit is that a person can send messages, receive notifications as well as get remote access to social media apps such as Whatsapp and Instagram. This is possible even when the phone is no longer working as one can use the web.

ES file explorer file manager

This app requires Android devices to be connected to the same router. The app thereafter identifies the devices that want to transfer files and enables android file transfer to occur. This app is free and supports .zip and .raw files. It also comes in multiple languages.


This is one of the fastest transfer files on the play store with speeds of up to 20 Mbps. Once the devices are connected, one can see all the files available for transfer and does not have to bother the other person.


This app uses a WIFI connection. It is very easy to use and allows transfer of many files of multiple formats. It is as a result preferred by many users for android file transfer.

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