Five Best Android Music player

Android phones and iOS platform have made it easier for all best android music player apps to playing music.Various people use different kind of music streaming applications and internet radios to listen to upcoming music from various upcoming artist.

Since technology exists, there are people who always want to make the best every day by listening to good music and therefore go for the best android music player apps that are compatible with all Android devices.

1) BlackPlayer music
This one is one of the best android music player, Key features of this app are easy to access, five band equalizer with bass boost support and the playlist which is constructed by the file name. This app has the equalizer, appropriate support and noticeable teams for all the songs and music files that one would want to listen. It has a free version and paid version although free version has everything that you require.

2) Google play Music player app
This One free best android music player  that gives ad support radio for what you are doing, the feelings and what you want to listen. The start radio stations are categories based on the songs, artists, albums, mood, activities, decade and browse by genre.
Key features are radio curated by experts for everything you might want to listen, Store up to 50,000 songs from your music collection sources, you subscribe to podcast

 Best Android Music player

3) JetAudio Music Player
This app uses versatile music players and JetAudio that makes it be best. The key features may include bass boost and a tag editor which is in the present. It contains free version and paid one although the are both identical

4) Media Monkey Music player
It’s the best android music player. It has wonderful features that have the ability to sort through more songs and find out the best one to listen. The interface is simple to use.

5) PlayerPro Music
This app is not only where you can listen to music but also browse and discover various categories from music industry’s best for English, Hindi plus others and get all kind of songs. In addition, it has the equalizer for adjusting the audio

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