Five Best free vpn for android

best free vpn for android

Due to the issue arising from internet securities and threats, the need for a virtual private network (VPN) is a must. This technology is mainly used to enable surfing of the web without compromising any of the personal data. For easing out the surfing needs of people, this blog shows a list of the five best free VPN for android to download.

1. Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy:
This VPN is at the top of the list with over a 330 million downloads. In addition, the VPN service is also associated with HTTPS encryption standard similar to the banking levels. This is done to protect transmitting and receiving data even in public networks.

2. SecureLine VPN:
This VPN is on the next list on the best free VPN for android. This program is made by Avast, who are considered for their antivirus programs. The process of this VPN involves the use of the IPsec protocol for encryption.

best free vpn for android

3. Hola Free VPN:
This service is a completely free one which allows a great VPN service and faster communication by communicating to the closest server present. In addition, it is also associated with providing security and access to blocked geographical contents.

4. Hideman VPN:
This VPN service is on the fourth list in the best free VPN for android. The main operations of this VPN service involve the use of 256-bit encryption for data security. Although the use of the app involves only five free hours in a week, the paid hours can also be termed efficient. More free hours can be earned by watching in-app advertisements.

5. CyberGhost:
This is the last service included in the best free VPN for android but not the least. This service provider is very efficient in addressing data security and also comes in both the free or the premium modes. The free mode allows users to access 23 servers while the paid mode allows users to get 300 servers.

Thus, the use of a VPN can not only increase the security of the device connecting to a public network but will also keep a peace of mind to the users.

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